Home Selling in N. County San Diego

Thinking about selling your home in North County San Diego?

At SeaRock Real Estate, we do things with an old fashion approach.  Our clients come first!  That means from the moment you contact us we abide by the SeaRock Real Estate Honor Code all the way through to the completion of selling your house.  We believe that every interaction we have with our client is extremely important and we insure complete satisfaction the whole way through to your home selling.

Steps you should follow to listing your house:

Often times people dread thinking about selling their home.  The process can seem a bit daunting and invasive(think all those people coming in to see your house during an open house), but we have prepared some simple steps to get you started in picking the right real estate agent.

1. Interview at least 3 agents

  • Ask each agent to bring a cma report and review it with them.  This will tell you how much other homes have sold for and what is currently on the market
  • Ask each agent why should you list with them
  • Ask the agent how much and how long they think it will take to sell your home
  • Ask the agent if there is anything you should do to the home prior to listing it for sale
  • Discuss the terms of the listing agreement with each agent
  • Discuss your agents sales plan.  Hint having a ton of open houses or sending our mailers to your surrounding neighbors doesnt sell your house, it just gets the agent more leads.

2. Pick an Real Estate Agent to list your home…if you didnt feel comfortable with any of the above, redo step #1.

  • Dont just pick the agent that told you they could sell your home for the most money.  This is a typical bait and switch tatic.

 Why list your house with SeaRock Real Estate

1. We are honest and will not blow smoke just to get a listing.  We dont want your home to sit on the market for weeks and weeks.  Ultimately it is up to you to decide on a price, but we will provide you honest feedback and work with you to get top dollar without sacrificing your time waiting on a buyer.

2. Your house sells because of the MLS!  Dont let fancy mailers or the promise of  weekly open houses persuade you.   Those dont sell your house, they just generate more leads for your agent.  We will conduct open houses only at your request and permission and we always do creative marketing brochures, but selfishly those are for us and we take pride in asking for your permission rather than just assuming.

3. We maximize our MLS listings.  Have you ever seen a house on the internet and wondered why is it missing key pieces of data, or something was spelled incorrectly, or (I love this one) there is an image of a toilet seat left open….  small things turn people off!

4. We are lock step with you every step of the way.  We ask for feedback and customize a communication plan designed to be as accommodating as possible to you.  We care for our clients like family and strive to make our clients feel welcomed from begining to end.

5. We sell your house!!